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Random Post and a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – well big for me…

Ok, so this week I have been seriously trying to make a change in my blogging habit.  Thanks so much to all who commented with helpful hints.  I have moved the computer to the couch rather than the dining room table, making it harder to sit for a long period of time and stare at the screen.  I have also started giving myself small chunks rather than endless hours.  I’ve found reading some blogs while listening to a podcast has also helped as a little timer.

A great package I got in the mail from Natasha from Singapore.  We found each other on Gimme Your Stuff and she sent some great things.  My favorite things were the yummy snacks, and some beautiful Swarovski crystal earrings she made me.

Dawn  , a fellow military wife, is collecting cards for the troops.  If you make cards or have some that were given tou that you wouldn’t mind donating to her cause dropby her site to get all the info.  She is donating the cards to troops stationed overseas to use to send to their loved ones since their card selection is not the greatest.

Also, my dear blogging friend Kelli in Arizona has organized a heartwarming drive for orphans in Mozambique.   She is gathering goodies to deliver to the orphans on her trip to Africa next month.  Her blog today read that she has plenty of participants and help but I wanted to toot her horn a little.  Even though I have only “known” her a short while I can honestly say she is an amazing person and I feel honored to be her “friend.”  Plus, I’m always a sucker for orphans as Joe and I plan to adopt from underdeveloped countries when our young, travelling bug has finally worn down.  

The beautiful magnolia trees outside my apartment building – I love cherry blossom and magnolia season in Korea.

Ok, now for my big announcement.  I am becoming a Stampin’ Up independent demonstrator!  I am very excited to meet new people on base here and maybe make a few bucks doing something I love  So, if you don’t already have a Stampin’ Up gal, drop me a line.  I look forward to sharing my stamping creations with you on blog.


3 thoughts on “Random Post and a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – well big for me…

  1. oh man, how I want to see those cherry blossoms in person. Every time we go to Korea it is in their Summer or Autumn, we had hoped to be there right now but our plans didnt work out! And as parents of two adopted children (from Korea!!) I can highly recommend intercountry adoption despite all the negative publicity these days. I know there will be struggles and hard times but it is certainly a better life for the child than being in an orphanage and a better life for us than being childless. By the way – interested in a private swap??? I would love some more stuff from Korea for the kids and maybe could swap for some great fabrics or handmade item or anything you think you might like from Australia? Let me know!! Thanks for your blog – I am becoming more and more addicted!

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