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Conversation With Ally

A conversation I had with Ally the other night –

A little background info: Ally helped Joe and I shop for a used car earlier this month.  She took us to a few used car dealerships in Pyeongtaek and translated for us.  We ended up with a suh-weet Blue 1994 Hyundai Elantra Deluxe.  Yes, a Deluxe, Joe is convinced that someone just slapped a Deluxe sticker on the rear of the car because it looks just like the regular 94 Elantras.  Ok, back to the story…  Well, the man who sold us the car was a very nice young Korean man who took an immediate liking to Ally.  We’ve had our car for about 2 weeks now and the car dealer called Ally on Monday to ask how our car was and to ask her out on a date.  So that’s where we are in the conversation I had with Ally Tuesday night:

Mel: Are you going to go out with him?

Ally: Mel, no, come on…

Mel: Why not, he was so nice.

Ally: Mel, be serious, I can’t go out with him he’s 38 years old.

Mel: He doesn’t look 38.

Ally: Mel, Joe is already an ajosshi, this guy is an a-a-a-a-a-ajosshi.

Ajosshi means older friend or uncle who is not actually related, commony used for older men.  I guess she was adding more As for each year he was older than Joe.  Suffice it to say, I don’t think she’s going out with him.

Ally and I went out for Ice Flakes the other night, that is where the infamous ajosshi conversation took place.  There is a place called Can More, around the corner from my apartment.  They specialize in Iced Drinks and Ice Flakes which is the Korean take on snow cones.

Ally had “rainbow sherbet ice flakes” which looks like a big fluffy cottonball.  I had “choco ice flakes” which was pretty gross except for the two small scoops of real ice cream on top and the fruit they serve with it.  As you can see your ice flakes are served with buttered toast and a side of whipped cream.  Weird huh?

On a side note, I was in Suwon the other day and on my way home I took a wrong turn and got back on the highway in the wrong direction.

This is where I ended up.  Everland, Korea’s answer to Disney World.  This is quite possibly the closest I will ever get to Everland.  I easily made a U-turn at the toll booth and headed back to Songtan.

It’s magnolia and cherry blossom season here in Korea and everywhere you go you see amazingly beautiful flowering trees.  This is a tree outside my apartment building that has just bloomed and I love to walk past it on my way to town.


One thought on “Conversation With Ally

  1. Those ice creams looked nasty! But I have to tell you how much I LOVE the cherry blossom trees in April and May… it’s the most beautiful welcome of spring!

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