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Late, late for a very important date…

Well the May Amy Butler In Stitches Sew-Along assignment was the cute little pleated apron.  It’s almost the end of June and I have two confessions:

1) I’m well past the deadline.  C’est la vie!

2) I majorly overhauled this pattern.

I freehanded this apron design using 4 French themed dishcloths.  The AB pleated apron is, no doubt, tres chic but I have an uncanny knack for spilling things on myself.  The problem is that when I spill it’s typically on my upper half.  I’m also quite incapable of doing dishes without the need for scuba gear so I thought a full length apron would be much more useful.  I also made my apron reversible (the other side is exactly the same) so that when I am all dirty having prepared a 5-course meal for guests, I can simply reverse the apron and voila – a clean apron.

Paula Deen’s recipe for Peanut Butter Brownies in the cutest little July 4th cupcake liners.  They looked even better after they were baked.  I made 60 of them for a BBQ last week and they were the only things gone at the end of the BBQ.  That Paula Deen, what would I do without her.

A beautiful gift from my friend Joey.  It was such a pleasant surprise to receive this in the mail.  I do my fair share of ordering things online while living in Korea but I always love the unexpected package.  She got us this amazing bowl made from the root of a tree and some beautiful table linens.  I think she got these things from my fave store which makes this gift all the more sweet.  (Peaches are not included).


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