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Sundays are sacred days… I look forward to Sunday all week. After church and lunch with Joe my day begins to unfold. Laundry usually takes precedence, which surprisingly enough, I don’t mind on Sundays. Some Sundays I feel like sewing or scrapbooking, sometimes I feel like reorganizing the house. Some Sundays, much like today, baking is on the agenda.

Ina Garten’s Plum Tart for some friends.  The plums are just tart enough to compliment the crumbly sugar top.  Yum Yum!

Brownie Goody Bars for the guys in the field. These are from one of those little Betty Crocker magazine cookbooks at the checkout at the grocery store. I can never resist these even though they are usually not worth the $3.99.  A brownie layer smeared with vanilla frosting, sprinkled with crushed peanuts, and topped with a peanut butter melted chocolate rice krispie thing on top.  I think I need to call the dentist right away!

And as if there weren’t enough dishes to do already (I don’t have a dishwasher in Korea) I have a big dinner planned for Joe. He’s heading to the field for a week tomorrow so I thought I would make his favorite, fried chicken fingers and rice. Weird combo, I know. Most people eat their fried chicken fingers with fries or mashed potatoes but when your husband is half-Thai you stop questioning the rice-with-everything habit. And since Kelli never lets you down with her fabulous recipes I thought I would try her Spicy Cornbread Muffins, as if we needed another starch at dinner. Starchophobes, look away!


One thought on “Sundays

  1. Oh my gosh. If you didn’t live so far away, I’d be there with a fork! That all looks wonderful!
    What do you think of Ina’s recipes?

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