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Slow on the uptake…

Ok, I went to the market today with my trusty reusable market bags.  I try to bring them whenever I can and keep one tucked neatly away in my purse at all times for unexpected trips.  It makes me feel like I’m doing something small for Kelli’s Green Week pursuits.  Toady was a lighter shopping trip then usual since I was only picking some things up for a dinner I’m making for some of Joe’s troops tomorrow night.  Here’s where it gets a little tricky:

I sent my two sturdiest market bags down the conveyor belt, along with my coupons (I’m also thrifty) and the bagger was mighty confused.  She actually attempted to put my market bags into plastic grocery bags as if I had purchased them.  The cashier had to explain to her, not once, but twice that I wanted the groceries in those bags, not the bags in bags.  So we’re trudging along, me unloading my cart, quickly, so as not to hold up the next customer; the cashier bleeping things by, one by one and the bagger, now, neatly placing my items into my reusable market bag.  Everything fit in one bag, I paid and all went well.  Until I got home:

Not only had the bagger put my 2nd reusable grocery bag into a plastic bag (to make it easier to carry? I don’t have a clue as to why, it’s a bag, it already has a handle).  As a side note, I want to add that when I buy only one veggie like, say, a bell pepper, I do not put it in a produce bag (more plastic saved).  Well, inside my lovely French market tote, were things individually wrapped in plastic grocery bags.  The turkey bacon had it’s own bag, the sugar-free slow churned ice cream had it’s own bag, the veggies which I purposefully did not bag had their very own environment-eroding plastic bag.  What on earth?  I GIVE UP!  Well, not recycling of course, I give up trying to figure people out.


One thought on “Slow on the uptake…

  1. I have had the same thing happen and it is so frustrating. Now, I specifically (and very kindly) tell both the cashier and the bagger when I check out that i am trying to use as few bags as possible. I’d rather hand-carry items to my car. So, please do not bag anything outside of these cloth bags.
    They roll their eyes and I smile back widely.
    Good for you for making the effort though! Slowly but surely cloth bags will be the norm.

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