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This one’s for Elise!

Elise wanted to see pictures of Christmas in Korea but Koreans aren’t big into Christmas like Americans are.  In fact, there was an uproar this year because the Korean B/X employees didn’t know what kind of inventory to order for the holidays and the Americans couldn’t find anything but wrapping paper and ornaments.  Today, I saw two workers feverishly trying to stock the shelves with items they got in last minute for all the people who had complained there was no ribbon, gift tags, or stockings.

Our tree this year – since we were only authorized to bring 500 pounds to Korea the Christmas tree wasn’t high on the list.  We are improvising this year by putting the presents under a table.

Joe’s away – AGAIN so I’m enjoying some quiet at home.  Wrapping presents is only fun with this, this and this

Since the gifts have to be shipped by Dec. 10th in order to arrive in the States by Christmas there will be no gifts under the “tree” this year.  This year was an all time record with 33 presents wrapped and sent off.  About 10 of those are going

How are you getting ready for the holidays?


One thought on “This one’s for Elise!

  1. awww, mel! thanks so much for posting this! you are the best 🙂 and you and joe are so cute in your pictures! i can’t wait to see you again – and joe – hopefully soon 🙂 all the best holiday wishes from little ‘ole philly! merry christmas and happy new year!!

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