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Strike In Travel

That is the name of a TV show on Polaris, Korea’s new travel channel. Strike in Travel is a reality show that follows 2 young Korean girls around for 2 weeks in a different country. The show has ventured to Spain, France, the West Coast (USA) and Australia so far. A while back, Ally had applied to be a participant on the show and her application was chosen for the upcoming trip to Morocco. Last weekend I helped Ally look up some information on things to see and do in Morocco and I agreed to go to Seoul with her as moral support for her interview.

The interview was quite far and it took us over 2.5 hours to get to the TV studio in Susaek, an area outlying Seoul. 1 bus, 3 trains and a taxi later and we were shown to an office where Ally would be interviewed. I sat in on the interview, although I didn’t understand much of what was going on. They asked Ally a few questions about me and how we knew each other. 30 minutes later she was done and we were on our way back for another long journey home. Despite the long afternoon of travelling, Ally and I had a blast. We can have fun pretty much wherever we go. We stopped in Bojeung, a new city near Suwon for a late night dinner before heading home.

Ally will find out on Wednesday if she made it or not. Keep your fingers crossed for her!

Ally and I on one of many trains yesterday

Ally on the train

Bojeung, the last stop on the Subway from Seoul going south and where we stopped for dinner. It’s a really cute little city!

We found this cute little cafe that just opened in Bojeung, called Moi. It reminded me of Dean & Deluca in Soho and we chatted with the owner for a little while. She is starting coffee making classes here in Jan. It may just be worth the 40 min. drive from Songtan to come to one of those.

I was amzed to see an Auntie Anne’s in Bojeung and even though we were full from dinner, I made Ally try a soft cinnamon sugar pretzel for the first time.

Ally loves candids so I snapped one of her on the bus enjoying her first Auntie Anne’s pretzel.

Don’t worry, she got me back!


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