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Thursday Girls Holiday Party

6 of us ventured to Apgujeong in Seoul last week for the Thursday Girls Holiday Party. We were sad more couldn’t make it but this is a busy time of year.

(Steph, Bethany, Ashley, Kate and Megan waiting for the bus to Seoul)

We ended up taking the bus, which was big mistake. I wanted to take the train but Ally talked us into taking the bus because we would have had to transfer trains 4 times. We were barely on the highway past Osan City when we started crawling through traffic.

(Ashley and Steph sitting on the bus, in traffic, trying to stay cool – the bus was so hot!)

(Ash and Steph on the train after the bus)

Luckily we were only about 35 min. late for our reservation and the restaurant wasn’t crowded so we were fine. We had a great dinner complete with yummy cocktails.

Our waiter was very sweet and knew some English so it was really easy to order. Many Koreans in Apgujeong know English very well as it is an affluent area and knowledge of English is seen as a status symbol here.

We had decided on a restaurant called Tell Me About It in Apgujeong. Apgujeong touts itself as the Rodeo Drive of Soeul and is home to the famous Galleria Department Store. The neighborhood is bustling with expensive sports cars, designer-clad young people and many cute cafes and bars. Tell Me About It had a cute website, an extensive Spanish tapas menu, cocktails (always a plus) and claimed it was the perfect place for a group of girlfriends. That sounded perfect in our book.

(Ash, Megan and Bethany at dinner)

(Kate, me and Steph at dinner)

(We knew we had to pose next to the wall that said “Be Fabulous”)

We had a great meal and then exchanged gifts in a Secret Santa. I came home with a really cute scarf from Kate and gave away a gift card to Steph. We didn’t want to get home too late since we were travelling by train back to Songtan and we had to catch an 11:20 PM train. Dinner was great, although short but we had a wonderful time.

(Outside Tell Me About It)

(Crammed into the taxi back to Apgujeong Station)

(Waiting for the connecting train )

I can’t tell you how much I am going to miss all my girlfriends here. They have helped me so much, in so many ways. It was an honor to meet them all and I can’t wait until they come to Spain to visit.


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