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Ally Made The Show – Woohoo!

The executives called from Polaris around 4:30 PM while Ally and I were at Coffee Tree.  They told her that they chose her and a girl from Seoul to go to Morocco on Dec. 27th.

We went to Pasta Vino to celebrate.

Then we went to Baskin Robbins for some Happy Camper.

My new cashmere coat – gotta love the Korean tailors!

Ice Cream cakes in Korea are so detailed!

Then I went to Ally’s house to help her pick out clothes for the trip.

I am so excited for her.  It is rare for Koreans, especially young single females, to travel out of Korea.  It’s getting more common to travel abroad but most Koreans don’t see the need or importance of seeing the world.  Ally is unlike most Koreans.  She and her best friend, Judy, went to Europe last year for 3 weeks and it changed her outlook on things.  She got the travelling bug and this trip to Morocco is going to be an awesome experience for her.  Her two week trip will be taped and broadcast on Korea’s new travel channel, Polaris, in early Feb.  Don’t worry, I’ll get a copy!

Tomorrow night, the Thursday Girls are heading to Seoul for our Fancy Pants Holiday Party.  We’re heading to a restaurant called Tell Me About It.  Very fun, I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun pics and stories.


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