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Back in the Good Ole US of A

We celebrated with some friends and my brother before leaving Korea last week.

One last dinner at Chilis with the Croftons, the Harris’, our friend Sara and my brother and his girlfriend, Kate.

(Alex, Kate, me and Joe outside Chili’s on one of our last nights at Osan)

After a long 24 hours of traveling we are back in the US.  Our crazy travel schedule:

Sunday Jan. 20th (Korea time) –

4:30 AM Pack up the van, pick up the cats and pick up Mark (our friend driving us to the airport)

7:30 AM Arrive late to the airport due to getting lost near Incheon Port

(Saying goodbye to Seoul)

10:00 AM After checking in ourselves and the cats with Korean Airlines we finally made it onto the plane

11:00 AM Late takeoff due to the busy runways at Incheon

Somewhere over the Pacific – I was enthralled with this crazy Korean condiment container on the flight and needed to share a pic with you.  It was like gochujang toothpaste!  Eww gross, that sounds disgusting!

10:00 AM (Atlanta time) we arrive after a 13 hour flight

(Hello Atlanta – don’t we look happy?)

12:30 PM After retrieving the cats from baggage, picking up our rental car and navigating through the unorganized Atlanta airport we were on the road to Dothan, AL

(Traumatized sleepy cats in the back of the rental car)

4:00 PM We arrived at Steve and Vicki’s in Dothan (Joe’s youngest brother and his wife)

We have been enjoying time with family, sleeping VERY well, shopping at all our greatly missed stores and relaxing.

(Dark picture of dinner with Grandma Taylor and Joe’s cousins and their families)


One thought on “Back in the Good Ole US of A

  1. While in Dothan, I suggest you try eating at Mikata Japanese Steakhouse. They are far better than any other Japanese Steakhouse I’ve ever eaten at in the U.S..

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