Girls Night Out · Korea

Thursday Dinner

This past week was my last Thursday dinner.  We went to Lanna, my favorite Thai restaurant in Songtan.  Joe got to come to dinner this week and see the secret life of a group of girls at dinner for 4 hours.

Thursday dinner has been such a blessing to me this past year.

I can’t believe it started in March and has been going strong since then.  Hopefully all the girls will start Thursday Girls Dinner at all their new locations.  I know I will!

In Songtan, all the restaurants have frequent diner punch cards (you know, buy 10 meals get 1 free, that sort of thing).  Well, at dinner last Thurs. I passed out all my unfinished, unclaimed punch cards.  Some girls have favorite restaurants so I passed down the respective cards to them.  It was hilarious to see who got each card.  At the end of the card giveaway Joe told the girls to count how many punch cards they had and the girl with the most cards would get my little polka dot card organizer (as seen in the pic above).  Jayme won with 24 cards but Kate was upset because she was close with 20 cards and had some other cards at home.  Jayme is now the proud recipient of the polka dot punch card wallet.  Congrats Jayme!

We’ve welcomed new girls and shed tears with other girls as they said their goodbyes but the common denominator of the group was our shared experiences and our unending laughter.

I will miss these girls from the bottom of my heart!  They made this year more enjoyable then I ever imagined!  I couldn’t have asked for better friends while I was here.


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