Moron de la Frontera · Spain

Nuestra Casa

Joe and I went to the house Sunday afternoon to make a list of the things that needed fixed before we move in. Most things are minor, light bulbs need replaced, windows are stuck, etc. We signed the lease on Tuesday and we move in Friday!

The view of the house from the parking lot.

The view of the front yard from the front door. There are two garden patches on either side of the front door where I will be planting vegetable gardens, as well as a long row for flowers along the perimeter of the yard.

The pool and pool house. We can’t wait to have a pool to jump in everyday, since the average summer temperatures here are well over 100.

A blurry picture of the foyer, looking out onto the front yard and pool.

This will be the baby’s room.

The master bathroom – I am very excited about having bidets, so very European!

The wardrobe room, really just a large storage room with lots of closets and dressers but too small to be a bedroom.

The first of 2 guest rooms.

The 2nd guest room.

The guest bathroom. It’s rare to find bathrooms in Spain with full tubs and both of our bathrooms have tubs.

View of the house from the large back patio.

Corner view of the small back patio, where we will have a small table and chairs for eating outside.

The spacious kitchen with tons of storage. Although not customarily provided, our landlord was nice enough to install a dishwasher in the kitchen for us.

The enormous dining room with a table that seats 14+.

The living room with the perfect little fireplace.

There is a gate house at the entrance to the property. A family lives there that works for our landlord, they also take care of our pool and property.

The guard dog at the gate house. He belongs to the family that maintains our property. Don’t worry, the landlord assures us he is friendlier than he looks.

View of the front yard and gate house from the roof top patio.

View of the north end of town from our roof. We can easily walk into town or over to the market and a brand new mall and theatre from our house.

Yet, another patio. This one has a small lemon tree growing in the middle of it. How fun!

So can you see why we fell in love with this old Spanish finca? We have plenty of room for guests so come visit whenever you want.

Joe and I are off to a Valentine’s Dinner at a castle in Los Molares tomorrow. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!


6 thoughts on “Nuestra Casa

  1. Your new home in Spain looks great. I can’t wait to see it in person. Now you’ll have two dining room sets. There is one coming in the shipment next month. Hopefully, you’ll find a place to put it. Love, Dad

  2. Mel, the house is great. I know you guys are so exciting. I love seeing all your great picturs. Keep us posted on your progress. Love ya bunches. Vicki

  3. Mel and Joe!
    I am so so so so so in love with your new place. I can only imagine the excitement you guys have right now to get your things moved in and start your new life in Espana! The pool is money!
    Ok, so maybe you have heard, maybe not but Matt and I aren’t coming with Anna and Mike in August. I know, shame on us, it sucks, but we have a couple of pretty expensive things on the horizon. First, I am a bridesmaid in September for one of my best friends… and we are going out of town for her bachelorette in July and I am throwing her another shower and helping with a Bachelorette in August. Second, we are remodeling our kitchen and bathroom as we speak. Funds are going to be tight, and with the dollar being so weak, we are going to put off our Europe trip til next year. Plus, when you are eight months pregnant, I doubt you will want to have a bunch of crazy drunken hooligans on vacation around! Maybe in the Spring?? Ok, I hope you understand – we miss and love you!

  4. Mel and Joe!

    Your place is BEAUTIFUL!) I really hope that we are able to come over and see it in person. Enjoy your time in Spain and keep the pictures coming!

    Hugs and Kisses!

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