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Valentine’s Day

Joe and I headed to the castle at Los Morales with a group of about 20 others from base on Thursday night. The castle itself was older than I had imagined, a huge stone fortress denoting the center of town. The dinner at 25 euros per person was a great deal as it included all we could drink, well all Joe could drink, including sangria, wine or beer as well as more food than we could handle. Our first course was, of course, olives, the local snack served before dinner at every restaurant in southern Spain. We were then served a meat and cheese platter, bread, and a large green salad with tuna, eggs, white asparagus and vinaigrette. The waitress then brought out a platter of the most tender calamari I had ever had, and a platter of croquetas, a Spanish tapas of fried meat and cheese that resembles a chicken nugget. If we had any appetites left we were served our choice of main dish, steak or salmon. Joe and I both ordered steak, which was served simply, fire grilled and tender with a side of Spanish potatoes. I ate half mine and gave Joe the rest, as it was an enormous portion. After dinner we enjoyed sweet Spanish flan and cafe con leche. We all went home stuffed and happy. We met some new people at dinner and had some great conversation with our new friends. The castle also informed us that if we have 4 or more people they would honor the 25 euro prix fixe meal, we would only have to call in advance. We’ll definitely be taking advantage of that again soon.

The entrance to the castle.

The castle foyer

The back courtyard

The exterior of the castle was amazing, I don’t think I have ever seen anything this old.

Joe and I at dinner

When the waitress walked away to get our checks Kane couldn’t resist trying on the antique helmet.


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