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We're in Spain!

Once again it’s been forever since I last updated this blog.  It’s hard having two blogs to take care of but I know the readers of my other blog are definitely not interested in craft projects and recipes.

Joe and I are happily settling in Moron de la Frontera, Spain where we will reside for the next 2 years (at least).  We had a wonderful time visiting friends and family in the U.S. en route from Korea and are trying to settle into our new digs.

We did have a pretty major setback right after we got here when we found out we lost our baby last week.  It was very sudden and sad, of course, but we are hopeful that God will provide us with the family he intends us to have.  I have to keep telling myself that anyway. 

On a lighter note, I have been enjoying the thriving fruit markets in my new little village.  My friend and I ventured out to a neighboring town’s market yesterday and picked up some zucchini, fava beans and the largest oranges you have ever seen.  When searching for some yummy recipes for my new finds I was reminded of my distaste for a certain Food TV chef/talk show host who will remain unnamed (her initials are RR).  I stumbled upon a recipe she has called Why-The-Chicken-Crossed-The-Road Santa-Fe-Tastic Tortilla Soup.  Seriously!?  Seriously!?  I will never know how this soup tastes because I refuse to make it based on the name alone.  Some of you may remember my musings on the Food TV personalities a few months back.

I think I’ll settle for one of Tyler Florence’s dishes or Ina’s Zucchini Gratin.  Do you have any delicious zucchini recipes you would like to share?


2 thoughts on “We're in Spain!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about the baby:( My thoughts are with you….
    Spain looks so beautiful! Will you send me a postcard one of these days:)

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