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My Endless Quest For Produce

Combine my love of cooking with my love of fruits and vegetables and you get my endless quest for fresh and affordable produce.  Some of you may remember the $10 watermelons I never bought in Korea.  Well thankfully, Spain is a lot more produce friendly.  There is a small chain of stores in Moron de la Frontera called Fruiteria Campito and from the name you can guess they are small closet-sized stores selling fresh and, more than likely, local produce.  I am in HEAVEN!  I stumbled upon one a few minutes from our house the other day and picked up:

2 bananas

5 small potatoes

4 yellow plums

1 tomato

the largest red bell pepper you have ever seen

Guess how much I paid?  Not even close to 10,000 Won.  I paid 1,50 Euro or the equivalent of $2.25.  Can you believe it? I was floored, I thought the girl behind the counter had only rung up my potatoes.

And yesterday Celina and I headed to the market in Utrera and picked up:

2 kilos of zucchini (8 medium sized zucchinis)

1 kg of fava beans (about 2.2 pounds)

2 of the largest oranges you have ever seen (what’s with the oversize fruit here – it must be something in the water)

All for a whopping total of  3,50 Euros or about $5.50

Not that any of you care about my vegetable purchases but it’s just another reason I love Spain!


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