Thankful Thursdays

Thankful Thursdays

Easter Dinner, my take on Kelli’s Community Dinners.  25 of our new friends came over last Sunday for a delicious Easter dinner potluck.  Fun was had by all and Joe and I are so glad to have that 14 person dining room table for all the entertaining we love to do.  Although we had to set up 3 other tables as well for the overflow and the kids.

My new country – read more about it here, on my other blog!

Sunny spots, coffee and baked goods from the local convent.  Sometimes its the little things that make quiet time so much more enjoyable.

New Books  – if you haven’t picked this one up yet, I highly recommend it.  This one was a gift from my Father, one of my inspirations.

Upcoming Day Trips – can we say pottery heaven?  Don’t worry I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about this trip.

And lately I have been struggling with the idea of going back to school for a Masters.  Weighing the decision has been difficult for me, as is finding just the right school and finding just the right program.  But today I am thankful that this is a decision I can make.   Not everyone has the privilege to think about such things.

I am blessed!


One thought on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. I loved the look of that dining table when you posted photos of the house – looks even better with people around it enjoying each other’s company…..If you won’t be working whilst in Spain it might be a good time to go back to study….like you said it is great to have the chance to make that decision…whatever you decide will be the right decision! Enjoy the sunny spots the coffee and the local produce….

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