Thankful Thursdays

Thankful Thursdays

Haven’t gotten any crafty stuff done this week as I’m still unpacking the last of our shipment from the states.  It finally arrived here in Spain, almost 2 months after we got here.  Nobody said the military was fast!  But I am THANKFUL that most of my things arrived in one piece.  So far the only casualties were some wine glasses and an almost 10 year old storage unit from IKEA so nothing to cry about.  It’s a good thing we took the pricey china off our wedding registry or I would be bummed.  This week I am mostly thankful for making my new house into a home.  The little things make all the difference and I know God blessed us with this amazing home here in Spain.  Never again will I have more room than I can imagine to decorate and live in.



Crockpots – When you unpack and do loads of dusty, been-in-a-box-for-over-a-year laundry all day the last thing you want to do is cook.  I love the crockpot this week: brisket over egg noodles, chili, pork fajitas, etc.  Can you tell I’m having camera issues?

Which brings me to my next exciting thing – a new camera!  Joe and I thought we needed this for our time here in Europe.  We ordered all the bells and whistles and can’t wait until it arrives.

This one was technically last week (Friday) but I am always thankful for a trip to La Rambla.

La Rambla is a town about 1.5 hours east of Moron and it is where most of the Spanish pottery is made and distributed from.  I came home with a new vase, a cute little plate to hang in my kitchen, a sangria pitcher and some wonderful terra cotta crockery.

Hanging Laundry – my new love!  I save so much energy, get a bit of sunshine and my laundry dries in about a half hour in the hot Spanish sun!

And while I’m hanging my laundry I like to listen to these cute little guys:

A bunch of sheep that occasionally wander through the vacant lot next to our house.  Their bleeps and bahs mixed with the clanging of their bells makes me smile.

Flowers from my garden – in my new vase from La Rambla, quite a steal at 7 Euros.  And yes, that is another dining room table.  This one seats 8 and actually belongs to us, unlike this monster that we are happily borrowing for the next few years.

And last but not least, these luscious strawberries that I eat by the caseful.

Don’t they look delicious!?!


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. Melanie – what a fabulous job you have done with the house…..looks like you are enjoying where you are!! Those strawberries look great and the sheep next door are a treat!! Are they tiles on the floors?
    Keep enjoying your new surroundings…..

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