Before and Afters

We’re not quite done unpacking the last of our stuff from the States but we’re getting there.  I have been washing every piece of clothing, linen and dish that were in boxes for over a year so it’s taking a while to get unpacked.  But so far we have some rooms pretty much done, except for a few more pictures to hang and odds and ends to unpack.

Foyer before and after – our dining room table, combined with the one that came with the house means we can have dinner parties  for 22 people, and then some if you include our patio tables.

This will eventually be the baby’s room but for now it’s being used as a guest room with two twin beds and all my teacher supplies.

“West Wing” guest bathroom.

Kitchen before and afters – I am so grateful to have so much storage space in this house.  Since my main grocery store is 1.5 hours away it’s nice to be able to stock up.  I can, of course, shop at the great Spanish grocery stores and I do for fresh items but with the dollar so weak right now I need to stock up at the Commissary in Rota about once a month.

And my favorite room in the house – our living room.  I am in absolute love with our new couch, the perfect spot for a movie night with friends.  And our new rug, a wedding gift from my best friend and her family, matches perfectly.


2 thoughts on “Before and Afters

  1. Hi Mel and Joe,

    We absolutely love your house and cannot REALLY wait to visit. 🙂

    We miss you guys,
    Scott, Donna, Love & Danica
    (Bear, Oso & Asia)

  2. LOVE that couch too!! wow — and the dining room and everything!! you two have a wonderful new home 🙂 and just remember, the commisary is just about 1000 times cooler than a Sheetz here in PA 🙂 hehe. anyway, was just thinking about you, hope all is well! – e

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