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Happy Father’s Day

I’m not ashamed to be called a “Daddy’s Girl.”  As the first born and the only girl, it was inevitable I would be stuck with that title and it suits me just fine.  Many men father children but not all of them are “Dads.”  My father was not one of those men – he was most definitely both!

There are so many things that he did when my brother and I were growing up that showed his love for us and I can’t possibly list them all but here are a few that stick with me.

As a young child I can remember when my Dad would sit with me and tirelessly explain all my math problems, numerous times, despite the fact that I probably wasn’t paying attention.

I would rush upstairs to brush my teeth and pick out a story and he would follow a few minutes later to read to me and tuck me in.

He helped me write my 4th grade book report on Vasco de Gama, the night before it was due and forgave me when he found out I had waited until the last minute to finish it.

From the time I can remember, every fall we would sit together at Beaver Stadium and watch the Nittany Lions, win or lose, rain or shine.  He would buy me enormous mugs of hot cocoa and explain all the rules of football – every season.  You’d think I’d know all the rules of football by now.

No matter how long his work day, Dad would still help coach my softball and Alex’s little league team or just hang out in the yard tossing the ball around.

Every school vacation he always put me to work at his office, even if it was just tearing the covers off catalogs to be recycled.  My favorite part was when he took me out to lunch everyday – I felt so important to be part of the “business world.”

No matter how late it was Dad was always waiting outside the high school to pick me up after cheering at an away game.

He took me to the middle school parking lot every weekend to learn how to drive and never lost his temper when I was practicing my 3-point turns.

He pushed me to find my dreams in college when I felt lost.  And he and my mother afforded me the opportunity to follow those dreams.

He trusted my judgment when I told my parents I was moving halfway across the country for a guy I had met only 3 times.  Then he and my mother blessed me by walking me down the aisle when I married that guy.

In about 5 months he is going to become the best Grandpa there ever was.  I know this because he is the best Dad there ever was.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

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One thought on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Dear Mel,

    Thanks for the wonderful words. They were the best Father’s Day gift any dad could get. Ever since you were little you always knew how to make me smile and cry in the same moment.



    PS: I’m glad some of that math tutoring paid off. You don’t seem to have any problems converting euros to dollars.

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