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Summer Vacay

Well summer is in full swing here in Spain.  With temps reaching 110 degrees, and light lasting until well past 10 PM we have been doing a lot of swimming, BBQs and laying in the air conditioning.  2 weeks ago my parents came to visit and we met them down south in Marbella for a week.

Marbella, only 2 hours south of us, lies on the Mediterranean in the center of the Spanish peninsula.  It was great to see my parents and introduce them to our new culture, although down in Marbella, there’s more British culture than Spanish.

Joe and my dad golfed a few times while my mom and I lolled about at the pool.  The Med doesn’t get warm enough to enjoy until Aug. and Sept. so we enjoyed the bathtub-like temperature of the hotel pool most days.

We took a day trip to Gibraltar which was amazing, although a little foggy.

We did get to see quite a few of the wild monkeys that roam around on the Rock. 

As always with a Mosesman/Taylor vacation we did our fair share of eating.  Since Marbella is such a tourist destination you can get every type of food possible.  We enjoyed Indian, Argentinian (Joe and my new favorite), Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Thai.

It was such a nice vacation and we had so much fun relaxing with my folks.  I can’t wait to see them in August when I head home to the States for a month to visit.

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