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House Pics

Even though we moved in to our new home in early July I am only now finishing up decorating and unpacking inside.  I was gone for 6 weeks so that didn’t help and moving twice in 6 months really decreased my enthusiasm to unpack this time around.  Regardless, I have just about finished the downstairs so here are some pictures of the rooms I have finished.  The only things I need to finish now are the guest room, nursery and craft studio upstairs.

The living room area.

Dining Area

The kitchen area.

The living area downstairs is my favorite part of the house.  It looks much smaller in the photos but the great room area is open and bright and I love being in the same room as Joe and our friends when I’m cooking or entertaining.

More to pics to come…

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One thought on “House Pics

  1. Hi Mel – I love your pics of your new house….you have been busy travelling!! I bet you are glad to settle now and just wait for baby! My daughter found out she was pregnant when she was 33wks!!! (long story -not sure where she keeps ’em until there is no room and then her tummy pops out!!) it happened las time as well….I saw her just a few months ago and she was flat and showing no signs of being pregnant…has always had weird cycles so that didn’t prompt her either…anyway….we now have a baby!! Little Ryley was born almost two weeks ago now and all is well…..Hope all goes well with you and your little man…..and rest up!

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