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Thankful Thursdays – We're Back!

This apple crisp recipe but made with steel cut Scottish oats for a little more crunch.  Your whole house will smell like heaven when you’re baking this.

Finishing up washing dozens of loads of baby clothes and sorting them all into space saver bags.

Saving money by making dinner at home EVERY night this week.

These fun and cheap fall paper pumpkin decorations.

An impromptu Wednesday lunch with a friend and her two adorable little girls.

The beautiful fall weather that I never thought would get here during the 112 degree summer we had.

Trees in my backyard bursting with pomegranates and persimmons.  (I’ll probably make some of this).

Oh and where have I been you ask!  Well, summer was busy with a lot of traveling.  I went to the States for 1 month to visit friends and family in the NE while Joe was at a 6-week course in Germany.  Then 3 days after we returned to Spain we had to head back to the U.S. when Joe’s grandmother passed away.  Too much traveling this late in pregnancy so now I am home nesting, baking fattening desserts and decorating a nursery that is very much boyish!

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