Tripp Update

This past Wednesday I had my 36 week checkup with my Dr. in Rota.  Everything looks great, Tripp is measuring right on this week.  I go back to the Dr. in 2 weeks and then start traveling down to the hospital in Rota on a weekly basis until he arrives.  He is getting bigger and running out of room.  I have been up very early most mornings with some sharp kicks to the ribs on my left side.  Usually getting up and moving around, eating something small and then going back to bed helps, he seems to go back to sleep after that.  We are still waiting for the arrival of his crib and mattress, which will complete his nursery.  We have his bassinet all set up in our bedroom and only need to do a few more things to prepare for his arrival.  Here are a few pictures of his room, thus far.

Spanish bedrooms are quite small and we already have a bookshelf, a changing table, a futon and a small chest of drawers in his room.  With the crib there is no way we would have been able to fit a dresser as well so I covered some bins in fabric to match his quilt and bedding and will use those for his clothes.  Notice the labels on the bins, so Joe knows exactly where his clothing is, now there will be no chance of him dressing Tripp in a silly clothing combination.

This is the wall above where his crib will go.  I covered some wooden stars in scrapbook paper and painted some wooden letters and words, then hung them on coordinating ribbon.  We love the Miami Dolphins colors and know Tripp will love the bright colors too.

Tomorrow my friends here are hosting a baby shower for me.  Tripp is the last baby expected here at Moron, as of now.  Since our arrival here almost a year ago, it seems that there has been a baby born almost every month or two.  That is a lot for a tiny base like this.  So we get to celebrate with one last baby shower tomorrow.

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