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38 Week Pregnancy Photo Shoot

This past weekend Joe and I took some pregnancy photos in the backyard.  There is a photography shop on the Naval Base in Rota but the quality of the photos leave much to be desired and the Spanish photographers are ridiculously expensive so we decided to take them ourselves.  Joe took most of the shots and we used the tripod for the others.  Once we had taken pictures at two different times for different light I played around with them on Adobe Photoshop until I had the desired outcome.  It was really fun although time consuming.  We started out with over 200 photos and I ended up with my favorite bunch.  I have another handful or so to play around with but these are my faves.

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2 thoughts on “38 Week Pregnancy Photo Shoot

  1. Every time I look at these, I close my eyes and remember when that was me with you in my belly, then open them and realize it is you with my grandson in your belly. I cry tears of joy.

    Love, Momma

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