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Thankful Thursday

And finally – drumroll please!  The best pizza dough recipe I have found so far.  I’m not too sure about the proper tossing method, I had some trouble with that so I ended up just rolling these out.  The recipe says it makes six 6-oz. crusts but I divided mine into 4 8/9-oz. crusts.  I made 12 of these and froze them  in individual balls to have on hand.  We had some for dinner last night – I made mine with red onion, green olives and steak and Joe (my carnivore hubby) had turkey bacon, steak and ham on his.

A new-momma-to-be hairdo.  I wanted something short and sweet that didn’t take 20 min. to blow-dry.  I love it and it’s dry in 5 minutes – woohoo!

A new-to-us car.  Some friends were leaving Spain right as our car broke down so we got a “new” car just in time to bring our baby home soon.  Sorry no pics, the car is gone all day when Joe takes it to work.

Crockpot Granola – yes you read that right!  This granola came out so yummy!  I dried frozen blueberries for this granola and added coconut, some leftover cranberry trail mix, walnuts, and some sugar free maple syrup in addition to the honey and butter.

Nesting this week has included baking 7 dozen of these, 4 dozen of these  and 6 dozen of these.

My new favorite creamer – just when I start to complain that my little Commissary supermarket on the Navy Base 1.5 hours away doesn’t have anything good for the holidays I stumble upon something so good I can’t believe my eyes.  Starbucks’ Peppermint Mocha is my favorite holiday drink and this creamer means I can have one everyday without all the hassle (well similar enough for the morning cup ‘o’ joe).

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