38 Week Appt.

Tuesday was our 38 week doctor appointment and we were able to get some more info on Tripp’s status.  I had a membrane sweep, a pretty painful, but short test to see where Tripp was at and to start the early stages of labor.  The Dr. said Tripp has dropped substantially and his head is engaged.  She said if she had to guess she thinks he weighs about 7 pounds 4 ounces right now (she was right on with my friend, Rena’s baby 2 months ago and has seen hundreds of births).  My Bishop Score was 4, and when I asked her what this means she basically told me that he could come next week or go all the way to his due date.  She said a score of 6 or more means labor is close enough to admit me to the hospital.  So we’re pretty much still at square one.  I have noticed he feels a lot heavier than normal, probably because he has dropped so low and now I know about how much he weighs.  I have also been having many more sporadic contractions.  I still have plenty of energy and have been going non-stop baking for the holidays and getting things ready.  I’ve also gotten back into walking with my friends in the morning because now that he has dropped my back hurts a lot less.  We’ll continue to keep everyone posted and NO, Mom and Joe, there are no more guesses on the baby pool. One guess per person!

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