Month 2.0

It’s the end of my baby’s second month of life and the time has flown so fast already.  I felt a little sad when I packed up his first Christmas outfits and newborn size onesies and pajamas.  A few memories from his second month of life.

You slept through your entire Dedication

You really don’t mind when Mommy dresses you up in your bear jackets, even though you really can’t move in them.

You are becoming a pro at lifting your head.

Your feet are getting so big.

You still don’t have great control of your hands yet.

You smiled a real smile for the first time this month.

You giggled for the first time this month.

Your cries are a lot louder now that you’re bigger.

You can sit up in your Bumbo chair since you can hold up your head a lot better now.

You are absolutely in love with your Daddy (and who isn’t).

Happy 2-Month Birthday Triple T!

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