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3 Little Bears’ Valentine’s Weekend

The little Bear family headed into Sevilla for a beautiful Valentine’s day.  What was to be one night away from home turned into two sweet nights when their car overheated just yards from the underground parking garage.  This little family’s luck with cars was not the greatest but they didn’t let it ruin their magical weekend. 

Mama Bear suggested lunch on the river to start their weekend off right.

Papa Bear hid his stress over the car problems while he tickled his precious Baby Bear during lunch.

Strolls through the beautiful city were just what this little family needed after weeks of rain and chilly weather.

On their walk, the little Bear family accidentally stumbled upon one of the city’s prettiest spots, the Plaza de Espana.  Many photos were taken at this magnificent palace.

Later that night the little Bear family decided to wander the city streets looking for a good place for dinner.  They surely found it in the Puerta de la Carne neighborhood.  Block after block of busy restaurants emitting delicious smells were just steps from their hotel.  Papa Bear liked the menu at one of these beautiful restaurants and the weather was still warm enough to sit outside so the little family enjoyed traditional Spanish food at a little table in the cool evening air.

And Mama Bear, always the prepared one, had packed Baby Bear a bottle so she could enjoy some tasty Spanish rioja.

More sunshine greeted them when they woke up the next day and the little Bear family remembered it was a holiday weekend so they had plenty of time to wander around the beautiful city.  In fact, they had invited some friends to the city that day for some sightseeing. 

After lunch at an Irish pub, a trip the the cathedral was in store for the group.  They took millions of photos, outside of the cathedral, admiring the Gothic building that was made so long ago.

Inside was even better, so many nooks and crannies to gasp at. 

The little Bear family even took a photo in front of the tomb of Christopher Columbus.  The little Bears talked about how much they love living this close to so much culture and history.

Papa Bear even pushed Baby Bear up 34 flights of ramps to the top of the Giralda Tower, with Mama Bear huffing and puffing right behind him.  The views were well worth the effort.

And despite the bad start to this holiday weekend, Mama Bear and Papa Bear realized how much sunshine they had in their little life.

The End!

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