Baby Bear is 3 Months Old!

Dear Baby Bear,

Here are a few things I want to remember about you at 3 months old.

You love to nap to Ray LaMontagne, and sometimes sleep in a pose that resembles praying.  I like to think you are.

You smile all the time now and are giggling more often than your 2nd month.

You cut a tooth (scratch that 2 teeth) this month, which is making you a tad more clingy but still a deliriously happy baby despite your discomfort.

We sometimes catch you watching TV, deeply concentrating on the colors and shapes on the screen.  We are not particularly excited about this so we have stopped watching so much TV.

You love when your daddy helps you practice how to stand up, concentrating so hard on holding yourself in a standing position.

You love to be read to, it doesn’t matter what it is, you just love to look at the black words on the white pages and all the colors of the pictures.

You think it’s hilarious when you fart or poop, especially when we’ve just changed your diaper.

You will lay on your blanket for slightly longer periods of time amusing yourself while I eat breakfast.

You still haven’t mastered the hand to mouth coordination necessary of a teething baby but you’re working very hard at it.

You finally got a crib to call your own and we are trying to transition you into it so Mama Bear and Papa Bear have a little more room in the bed.  Mama Bear is having a harder time than you are with this transition.

I just finished your quilt and crib sheets – Happy 3rd Month Baby Bear!

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