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2009 Moron Tapas Festival

Some of you may think this blog has become mainly baby-related and with good reason.  How can I not focus most of my posts on this little face? 

But for those of you who are getting sick of seeing photos of the cutest baby in the world here is a Spain-centered post. 

Shortly after we arrived in Spain last year we attended the Moron de la Frontera’s Tapas Festival.  This year we knew what to expect and didn’t eat all day in anticipation for the small feast we would be enjoying at the festival.  Moron’s Tapas Festival is substantially smaller than the one we went to in Utrera but a lot easier to navigate.  We invited some friends and some new couples to the festival this year to introduce them to some yummy Spanish food. 

Saturday night we headed into town around 8 PM and saw the Tapas tent was already packed.  We wandered around from stall to stall tasting dishes like Carrillada Iberica (stewed pork), Langostinos Mawrur (sauteed shrimp with fried onions), Croquetas de Salmorejo (fried potato and red pepper sauce fritters), Montaditos la Campina (mini sandwiches), Choricitos a la Sidra (mini chorizo sausages in cider sauce), Champinon Relleno de Lujo (stuffed mushrooms), Paella, Tortilla, and Pez Espada a la Romana (filet of fish with homemade tartar sauce).

Joe looks mad but he’s not, he’s really just saying, “hurry up and take the picture, I’m starving!”

Jessica, Renee, me and Lisa – we only made it to half the stalls.

Brady, Joe, Tripp, Josh, Mike, Tim and Nick after a few cervezas.

Carrillada won the taste test this year, we tried it at 2 different vendors and it was, hands down, everyone’s favorite.

Each plate was only 1.50 Euros and we were only able to get through half of the 7 vendor stalls because we were so full.

A few of our friends were suckered into buying sombreros.

We saw the largest loaf of bread EVER (it wasn’t for sale) and the woman behind the bakery counter actually looked at me funny when I snapped this photo.  She was probably wondering why I thought this enormous loaf was picture worthy.  Hmmm.

But the highlight of the night was definitely the baby mullet we saw a 3 year old sporting.  Amazing!  I think Tripp would look awesome with a Spanish-style baby mullet.

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