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Three Little Bears Welcome the Warm Season

Warm is here.  The people of Andalucia are feeling the effects of spring with crocuses and irises popping up from the ground, birds chirping and beaches getting slowly crowded.  This past weekend the Little Bear Family decided to take a mini-vacation to usher in the sunlight and warm temperatures.  Papa Bear’s softball tournament was a perfect excuse to head southwest for the weekend.

Papa Bear played softball with his Bear Friends for hours on end Friday.  All the Manly Bears were exhausted by the end of their 7 hour tournament but coming in 2nd place made it all worthwhile. 

Mama Bear and Baby Bear headed to dinner with their friends who also had a Baby Bear born just 2 days after our own.  It was so fun to catch up with our friends and see how their Little Girl Bear has grown.

Saturday was a perfect day for the beach so the Little Bear Family and 12 other Bear Friends headed to La Barossa, a beach in Chiclana de la Frontera, a town on the southwest end of their beautiful country.  A quaint beach town, wide expanse of sand and just enough waves to please the crazy Man Bears who decided to brave the cold water.

Baby Bear enjoyed his first taste of the ocean, although he wasn’t delighted with the freezing water on his feet.  He had mixed feelings about the sand in his toes but loved sitting in the beach tent with Mama and the other Lady Bears.

Dinner at one of our favorite restaurants was a great end to a perfect day.  Juicy steaks, deliciously sweet sangria with just a hint of vanilla and the din of chatter amongst friends was spent until the wee hours of the morning.

It was settled amongst the Little Bear Family that spring and summer are always welcome!

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