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Man Food Competition

2 weeks ago we hosted the 1st Annual Man Food Competition.  This was my husband’s idea and since it was our friend’s last weekend here we wanted to send them off with a bang.  I emailed out goofy rules and a sign-up form and we had 50 people show up and 15 entries in the competition.

We had about 6 judges who rated the food based on taste, presentation, creativity and portability (could you eat it at a ball game)?  I awarded 7 winners with homemade gold and silver ribbons.

The Winners!  Brady and Lisa won with their Copa de Carne, which were basically meat cupcakes (it sounds gross but they were really good).  My hubby won a gold medal in the Side Dish category with his Ghetto Fried Rice.  Moose won a silver in the Appetizers & Dips category with his Taco Soup.  Tucci won first place in the Appetizers and Dips category with his Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip.  In the meat category DJ won first with his Cheesy Bacon Chicken and Mike won second with his Stuffed Burgers.  And Brady won another medal in the Dessert category with his Twinkie pie.  I think most of the judges went home with a stomach ache after all those random things.

Lisa couldn’t decide what to eat – there was SO much food.

Phase 10, I had never played before but now I’m hooked!

Rena and Lisa lounging in the pool – we lead hard lives over here in Spain, don’t we?

We had a great time at the Man Food Competition and will definitely be hosting another one next year.

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