State College · USA

Happily Ever After

Once upon a time there was a Princess named Shelly.  She was from a far away land once known as Persia.

Princess Shelly was in search of love but got her heart broken by knights who didn’t treat her as the royalty she truly was.

Until one day, Prince David stumbled into her family’s kingdom, also known as a Persian rug store.  Prince David was smitten with our Princess and went back to visit her time and time again.  Eventually after buying a rug and visiting our beautiful Princess for almost 2 months Prince David gathered up the courage to ask her out on a royal date.

Princess Shelly had two very best friends, Melanie and Jessica, who were always there to give her love advice.

They counseled the Princess and told her that Prince David was an honorable man and she should give him a chance to prove himself worthy of her hand.

Princess Shelly did just that.  She introduced the Prince to her friends and family, who all fell immediately in love with him.  It was then that Princess Shelly knew that she had found THE ONE.  David was the handsome, kind Prince she had been searching for for so long.

Nine months after taking her out, Prince David asked the Princess for her hand in marriage on a beautiful beach, far far away from her kingdom.

They set a date and started planning for a royal wedding.

The wedding day had quickly approached and plans were underway.  Everyone was bustling around the castle setting tables, and cooking Persian delicacies.

Princess Shelly went to the royal hairdresser to get primped and pampered.

Flowers were bejeweled.

Friends assembled to help Princess Shelly make her grand appearance.

Unfortunately, just as Princess Shelly was heading to the castle, it started raining.  Staff and guests scrambled under the tents and reassembled chairs, in anticipation for the wedding ceremony.

Despite the rainy drizzle, our Prince and Princess exchanged their vows during a Persian wedding ceremony, while 320 of their loved ones dabbed at their tears of joy for the happy couple.

Giddy with excitement, the Prince and Princess skipped down the aisle after being announced man and wife.

The rest of the night was a blur of pink and white, clapping and dancing and twinkling lights.

Cake was cut and savored.

Celebrities were spotted and awed.

And Princess Shelly had the time of her life.

And the beautiful couple lived happily ever after.


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