In loving Memory of Sara Sullivan (1980 – 2009)

I met Sara on my first Saturday in Korea, over the crazy trash system in our apartment building.  I was so excited to meet a friend so quickly. 

I soon met a few of other friends at the new spouse orientation and found out that Osan was quite a small world.  Sara became a regular at our Thursday dinners.

Joe and I eventually started attending a couple’s Bible study that Brady and Sara had hosted before moving to Japan.

Sara was the kind of girl who magnetized people by her smile and warm, infectious spirit.  She was funny, sweet, caring, a great wife, a wonderful friend and someone who always had an ear to listen.

This past January, Sara was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and she and Brad moved to Texas, where she could be closer to family and a better military medical center.  Shortly after her diagnosis she found out she was pregnant.  She fought like a champ throughout months of chemo as did her little baby girl, Chloe Grace.

Chloe Grace was born on September 8, 2009 and is a true fighter just like her mama.  Sara got to spend 2 amazing days at home with her little girl, truly a gift from the Lord.

On Sept. 17th, she was admitted to the hospital with seizures and was diagnosed with post-partum angiopathy.  After 4 days of fighting she was pronounced brain dead.

Sara made such an impact on people here on Earth but is now resting with the Lord in Heaven.  Her daughter, Chloe will be her new source of light in the world and I have no doubt that she will be every bit as inspiring and caring as her mother was.

Please help Sara’s family Race for the Cure.  Visit their site and help support them to find a cure and honor their beloved Sara.

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