I Always Said…

I can’t believe my little guy is 11 months old.  1 more month and I won’t be using months to describe his age.  I know most moms use months to describe their baby’s age until they’re about 6 years old but that drives me bonkers.  Like when you ask a mom whose child is clearly 2 years old and they say, “my daughter is 31 months old.”  Seriously?  Just say 2 and a half, I’m not interested in doing the math.

After being a mom for 11 months I can honestly say I’m a pro.  Not a pro at being a mom, no way, I already know that I’ll never get there.  I’m a pro at doing things I always said I’d never do.

I always said I’d never let my baby watch television.  Well, we start the day with Sesame Street everyday.  In fact, the only way I can Tripp to eat breakfast is to drag his high chair in front of Sesame Street.  Oh well, whaddaya gonna do, at least he’s learning things.

I always said I’d never feed my baby snacks for dinner.  Well, a few nights a week Tripp eats Spanish cheetos for dinner.  This is after he smacks my hand away when I offer him numerous table food items as well as baby food options.  The “puffs” come out after he denies the chocolate Spanish pudding yogurt.  Puffs for dinner it is.

I always said I would never make it a habit to feed my baby in the middle of the night once he was successfully sleeping through the night.  Well, when your baby hasn’t gained weight in almost 3 months and is on the small side you see a hungry baby at 1 AM as an extra opportunity to pack some calories into the little guy.

I’m sure there will be many more opportunities in the next 18+ years for me to advance my skills as a professional of “I always said…”

What do you do as a mommy that you “swore” you’d never do?


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