Festivals & Ferias · Going Out · Moron de la Frontera · Spain


The Spanish have their own version of the State Fair, known as Feria.  Feria in Moron de la Frontera is usually held in Sept. so here are a few pictures of this past Feria.

The entrance into town.  The town sets up for weeks beforehand and shuts down for a week during the festivities.  People take off work because they party until the wee hours of the morning every night of the week.

Just as every state or county fair there are lots of fun and slightly dangerous rides for the kids.  It’s so adorable seeing the little girls on all the rides in their big poufy Feria dresses.

Some of the women wear the full traditional Feria attire which consists of an extremely heavy, layered Flamenco dress, hair accessories and matching jewelry.  These dresses are custom made and cost up to 400 Euros.  Many mothers and daughters dress alike in matching outfits.

My friend Steph and I at Feria with our boys, Tripp and Tyler.

If Feria is known for anything it’s drinking and dancing.  This is the main caseta or tent where people can sit and drink and dance to a lineup of local bands/musicians.

Along the streets are many smaller casetas which are run by local companies, organizations and brotherhoods/clubs.  Many casetas are invite only and the guests can come and go as they please.  A few of the casetas are open to the public and anyone can go in and order beverages and dance until the early morning.

This caseta is called La Mas Guapa – The Most Beautiful.  Pretty funny!

We found a public caseta called “Friends of Cuba” that had amazing fruity drinks.

We haven’t ventured out to Seville’s Feria yet, as the crowds there are unbelieveable but we will definitely be checking out the Feria again next year.


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