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Christmas Shopping

Stefanie over at Ni Hao Y’all (a blog I love because of my love for adopted children and she’s got a gaggle of ’em) is hosting a Christmas Ideas contest.  Since Joe reads this blog I can’t post what he’s getting for Christmas but I’m pretty sure Tripp can’t read yet so I’d love to share what we’re thinking about getting him this year.  We never overdo it because we want the season to be about so much more than presents under the tree but he’s at such a fun age so he’ll get a few fun things this year.

I’d love to make our kids something handmade every year and this year I will be making this Nativity Set from a gorgeous pattern I found on Etsy.  It’ll take a few days of Flash Forward and Grey’s episodes but I think it’ll be a hit this year.

Another gift that will keep on giving is this great bike seat. It’s under $50, will last a few seasons and looks like a great way for us to enjoy our mild winters here in southern Spain.

And you can’t go for a bike ride with a 1-year-old without a cute little helmet so we’re thinking about this one.

Last but not least every toddler needs a trike.  This one got great reviews and is under the $100 mark, making it a great deal since Little Tikes will last for a few kids.  For people like us, who plan on having a large family the longer the toys last the better.

What are you getting your kids for Christmas?  Need some more ideas?  Head on over to Ni Hao Y’all for some great ideas.


One thought on “Christmas Shopping

  1. Southern Spain?? Oh my!! Sounds positively dreamy 🙂
    And heck yea.. you NEED a bike seat!
    The nativity scene is darling. Sadly for me, I don’t sew!
    Thanks for the great ideas!!

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