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Tuesdays Unwrapped: 2 Steps

Tuesdays are my busiest day of the week.  So when I read about Tuesdays Unwrapped I knew it was just what I needed to slow down and enjoy life’s moments.  If you need a reminder to slow down head over to Chatting At the Sky and join Emily’s Tuesdays Unwrapped.

tuesdays unwrapped

My baby took his first steps yesterday. Two steps.  Two tiny little monkey toes steps.  Between his father and me.  And he laughed hysterically.

Joe and I were perched on the floor, legs spread wide in the shape of a diamond.  Tripp, between us, was giggling and crawling back and forth, as we tossed his blankie to each other.  Gripping his waist I stood him on his feet.  He balanced himself lightly, teetering to catch a good stance.  Joe taunted him by putting his blankie on his head.

You see, Tripp doesn’t like things on heads.  Not his own.  Not other peoples’.  He will crawl as fast as his little monkey feet will carry him to save you from whatever it is that’s on your head.

He caught a glimpse of his father, green mink blankie gracefully drooping down his forehead and he was on a mission.  Still wobbling to gain balance he looked at Joe.  A few short steps away.  He thought to himself, “Do I get down and crawl or attempt the steps?”  His toes gripped the carpet and he made 2 short steps before throwing himself forward into Joe’s waiting arms.  He swooped the blankie off Joe’s head just as Joe caught him before he landed, face first, into Joe’s chest.  I clapped.  Joe whooped.  Tripp laughed.  A hearty, loud, unmistakably fun, let’s-do-that-again kind of laugh.  We did it again.  100 times.  We did it until Tripp lay on the ground, face buried in his blankie, cooing from exhaustion.

We’ve been playing the blankie hat game for the last 2 days.  It never gets old.

I pray that I never tire of watching my son balance on his own two feet.  That I never tire of hearing his hearty, mouth open laughter.  I pray that his father is always there to catch him after those first few scary steps.   I pray that the 30 minutes between Joe walking in the door and dinner being served are 30 wonderful, memory-making minutes where we cuddle, giggle, roll on the floor and enjoy being a family.

Tripp contemplating life under the pomegranate tree

I am so thankful that I get to stay home and drink in these moments.


4 thoughts on “Tuesdays Unwrapped: 2 Steps

  1. Welcome to Tuesdays! So glad you linked up. Your writing is beautiful, as are your images. I never tire of baby feet. Thanks for sharing this sweet, milestone moment.

  2. Oh , this was so beautifully written. What a surprise to find your site here this morning, looking forward to “reading ” around.
    These Tuesday posts are so incredible, and while I missed this week, I still love reading them.

  3. What an adorable child. There’s really nothing sweeter than a baby’s laughter. Squeeze every moment out of Tripp’s childhood. It’s such a fleeting season.

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