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Blueberry Waffles

I can’t say I didn’t help him.  I can’t say I didn’t ask, in advance, for blueberry waffles.  I actually set out the ingredients and filled the coffee pot the night before.  What can I say, I’m a control freak.  And my husband, as amazing as he is, doesn’t know his way around a kitchen… Continue reading Blueberry Waffles

Tuesdays Unwrapped · Yapping Away


My dear boy, now a smidge over one year, has been testing his strength lately.  Hoisting the 12-pack of Charmin’ and dragging the laundry basket around the living room have become his favorite pastimes lately. The tub that holds my  flour, approximately 7 pounds at any given time, was perched on Tripp’s tiny white table… Continue reading Grace

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Tuesdays Unwraped: Retail Therapy

There’s something about living overseas that makes me appreciate American shopping so much. The air was brisk as I walked through the clear glass doors into the bright white store.  It was afternoon outside but overcast and gray.  The large door mats were blue and gray and welcomed me in from the cold to spend… Continue reading Tuesdays Unwraped: Retail Therapy

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Tuesdays Unwrapped: Creating

This post is technically late for me.  It’s Wed. morning here but it’s still Tuesday on the East Coast where most of my blog readers are so we’ll let it slide.  This week is overwhelmingly busy here as we’re leaving for the States on Friday for a Thanksgiving trip and I’m hosting a party here… Continue reading Tuesdays Unwrapped: Creating

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Tuesdays Unwrapped: 2 Steps

Tuesdays are my busiest day of the week.  So when I read about Tuesdays Unwrapped I knew it was just what I needed to slow down and enjoy life’s moments.  If you need a reminder to slow down head over to Chatting At the Sky and join Emily’s Tuesdays Unwrapped. My baby took his first… Continue reading Tuesdays Unwrapped: 2 Steps