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2010 Summer To-Do List

I had been seeing these amazing Summer To-Do Lists on the blogosphere and wanted to make one for our family. The idea of making our summer more intentional inspired me to think of things I wanted to accomplish during our last summer here in Spain.

I made this canvas up about 2 weeks ago and have already crossed a few things off the list. With 9 weeks until Hudson’s arrival, our family is in high gear to do all kinds of fun things this summer. Even our friends have jumped on the bandwagon and joined in the fun.

On our Summer 2010 list:

~ Breakfast and Books in the Backyard – inspired from this Mom’s awesome idea

~ Beach Days

~ Shrimp on the Barbie (X)

~ Blow Bubbles

~ Visit friends in Madrid

~ Family Rules Canvas

~ Sunday Brunch with Friends

~ Date Night with Joe (X)

~ Smoothies

~ Swim in the Ocean

~ Grow Herbs (X)

~ Homemade Pizzas on the Grill (X)

~ Take Photos of the Sunset

~ Make Hudson’s Quilt

~ Make a Rainbow Cake – how fun is this?

~ Get a Pedicure

~ Late Night Trip to the Venta for Ice Cream

~ Make July 4th Cookies (X)

~ S’mores

~ Wagon Walks Around the Neighborhood

~ Swim at Night (X)

~ Park Playdates

~ Slushies

~ Homemade Ice Cream (X)

~ Pool Parties (X)

~ Family Photos in a Sunflower Field (X) (So much fun – post to follow)

~ Frozen Daiquiris (Non-alcoholic for me of course)

~ Game Night with Friends (X)

~ VBS (X)

~ Run in the Sprinkler

~ Library Summer Camp (X)

~ Jump in Puddles

~ Jump on trampoline (X)

~ Ice Cream Sundae Party (X)

~ Bake a Carrot Cake

~ Icy Arnold Palmers

~ Craft Night with Friends

~ Day at the Waterpark

~ Knit 3 Baby Cocoons – 2 down and half of one currently on the needles.

~ Homemade York Peppermint Patties

~ Kiddie Pool Playdate (X)

~ Sidewalk Chalk

~ Root Beer Floats (X)

~ Play-Doh (X)

~ 2nd Annual Man Food Competition

~ Big Backyard BBQ (X) – We christened the backyard this past weekend with our first official Summer 2010 Spanish BBQ

~ Read 5 Books – Just finished The Help, and Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl. Currently working on The Heretic’s Daughter, and Mom… and Loving It! Finding Contentment in Real Life.

~ Fresh Squeezed OJ

~ Make Fruit Jam (X) – Made 12 jars of Plum Berry Freezer Jam last week.

I am having so much fun with our list, I think I’m going to have to make one for every season.


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