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1 Month Old

Huddy, you are one month old today and I cannot believe how fast this month has gone.  It makes me sad to think your 1st month in the world is over but at the same time I am so excited for all that lays before you.  Month 1 has been challenging and  so amazing, all at the same time.  Learning how to juggle two under two has taken some patience and time but I needed to work on these two things anyway so you are a gift in that respect.

This past week we had quite a scare when you were diagnosed with late onset jaundice.  After extensive blood work and ruling out a misdiagnosed Staph infection, we learned it was only a minor case of breastfeeding jaundice and you are back to normal.  Every mommy hates it when one of her little birds is sick, especially when you are still so little.

So far we have had a great time learning about you and finding out how you are different and similar to your big brother.

You are a great nurser and have been from day one, a nice change from your brother.  You seem a little more high strung than Tripp was at one month so you might have more of Mama’s personality.  You are able to lift your head well now and have gotten a lot chubbier and more baby-like in the face.  You are a great sleeper and take wonderful naps during the day and still sleep at least 3.5 -4 hour stints at night.  You go to bed by yourself with a little rocking and patting and sometimes a paci.  Occasionally you have to cry if Mama’s tending to Tripp and can’t get you but you only get really upset if you’ve come unswaddled.

You love your brother and your Dad and try to turn your head in their direction when you hear their voices.  It is easy to become overstimulated around those two goofballs so Mama has to make sure to scoop you off to bed before you go over the edge.  We can’t wait for you and Tripp to be best friends and play together.

We are so excited to have added another boy to this home and it feels like you’ve always been a part of our family.

We love you Hud-Bug!


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