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Welcome to the World Hudson Riaao Taylor

We welcomed our second little boy, Hudson Riaao Taylor last week.  August 30th, 2010 at 9:02 AM.  He weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. and measured 20 inches long.  He is perfect in every way and looks just like his big brother.  I have always loved the name Hudson and wanted to use an ‘H’ after my Grandfather Harry.  I lived in NYC for 3 years so Hudson is also an homage to my time in NYC.  We are giving the kids Thai middle names to honor Joe’s heritage and Hudson’s middle name means “strength” in Thai and is pronounced “Rio.”

I had a scheduled C-section scheduled for early Monday morning so it was a nice uneventful birth.  Tripp’s birth was a stressful, painful induction complete with a failure to progress diagnosis and emergency C-section so this was a nice change for us.

We got to the hospital shortly after 6 AM and the only stressful part of the whole morning was when they had to stick me 8 times before finding a vein for the IV.  The anesthesiologist was amazing and made me feel so comfortable during the whole procedure.  We headed back to the OR shortly after 8 AM and at 9:02 AM I was listening to the loud wails of my little Hud-Bug.  I had a Spinal this time around and was moving my legs within an hour after surgery.  All in all it was 10 times easier than Tripp’s birth.  It also helped that I knew what to expect with the surgery.

Joe and I talked incessantly the weeks preceding Huddy’s birth about what we thought he would look like.  It seems the Taylor genes are super strong as our 2nd little man looks identical to his big brother who is only 21 months older than him.

Hudson is an amazing nurser, which is also such a great relief since it took Tripp and I a month to get the breastfeeding under control.  The only complaint I have is that he is a bottomless pit and wants to eat almost the entire time he is awake.  This is sometimes a mixed blessing though as he fills up so much during the day that he has been sleeping really well at night.  Every night we’ve been home so far I’ve had to wake him after 4 hours to change his diaper and feed him again.  He’s such a great baby so far.

Our best friends here in Spain offered to watch Tripp while we were at the hospital for 3 days and they brought him to visit us the 2nd day we were there.  Tripp was a little unsure about Hudson at first but is now smitten with Hudson.  For a toddler he is quite gentle and wants to touch and hug Hudson all the time.  He’s also been a great helper to me, picking up all the toys off the ground since I can’t bend over so easily yet.  I can tell he’s going to make a great big brother and he’s going to love it when Hudson is old enough to play with.

Baby #2 has been 10 times easier than #1 so far and Joe and I are getting into a routine at home with the 2 boys.  Joe is such a great Dad and has been spending lots of time cuddling both his boys while I rest and get things done.

We are so excited to have another little guy in the family and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for our little men in the future.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the World Hudson Riaao Taylor

  1. It warms my heart to hear about new little Hudson! I’m happy to hear things are going so smoothly. I can’t believe how identical Tripp and Hudson are!!! That is wild! You guys are such a beautiful family 🙂

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