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Fun Foods

Once a week or so Tripp and I love to get all messy in the kitchen.

Tripp calls it, simply, “Cook.”
He stands on a kitchen chair.
I tie a vintage apron around his neck and he eats chocolate chips while I bake something fun.  Occasionally he will stick his finger into the bowl or try to stir but usually he’s happy just stuffing his face with chocolate and watching me mix and pour.

We generally have a good time.

Unless someone gets told they can’t have anymore Hershey Kisses until AFTER lunch.

Then this happens.

The tears didn’t last long because this is what we made for lunch.

(Please forgive my fingerprinty oven door, cleaning lady comes tomorrow.)

Mini pigs in blankets on a stick.
Who doesn’t love foods on a stick?
They make everything more fun.

We also made these fun chocolate acorns that I found online.

The original ones were made with Mini Nilla Wafers but I couldn’t find those here so we used a box of 100 Calorie Pack Keebler Fudge Stripe Minis and they worked great.  She also used Nutella and I used melted semi-sweet chocolate squares.  So fun!

The tears were soon forgotten.


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