Yapping Away

Quiet-Time Basket

I’m not disciplined at it, but I’m striving to be, more and more everyday.

Some mornings life gets away from me.
Breakfast preparations, the dishes.
The 2-year-molars waking the older one early.
The 4 night wakings by the 7 week-old causing a sleepy Mama who can’t pull herself from the covers before 6:30 AM.

But the mornings I can get up, get the coffee maker brewing, throw a load of laundry in and collapse on the couch for 30 or so minutes this is my rest and peace to prepare me for the day.

I keep everything together so I don’t have to search.

My Bible – this version, given to me by our beloved previous Chaplain, here at Moron.

My journal – some days I write, some days I don’t.

Literature and Ministry requests from Compassion International, Samaritan’s Purse, and Voice of the Martyrs. Joe and I like to sit down and decide where we want to send our tithe and these are 3 organizations where we feel it makes a world of difference.

Also in my basket are extra devotional books that speak to me at whatever season I’m in.

This season, for instance, my books are generally mom-related:

Speaking Mom-ese by Lisa Whelchel.
Remember her?  Blair from Facts of Life?  She has some great resources for Moms.  If you’ve never checked her out, I highly recommend this one.

Joy: A Godly Woman’s Adornment
by Lydia Brownback.
This book was given to me by a dear and close friend, who helped me to find God a few years ago.  Lydia’s books are amazing.  I underline something to share with someone, or myself at least everyday and her writing is succinct and important.  I will definitely be moving onto her other titles when I finish this one.  I just found out she has a blog too.  Who doesn’t these days?

Meditations for Mothers of Toddlers by Beth Wilson Saavedra.
This is another short one I keep stashed away in case I don’t have a lot of time to delve into a passage of the Bible.  While not Christian based, this book is page after page of motherhood tidbits that we so often forget but so need to remember.

I also have:
An index-card box of passages I’m working on memorizing.

A can of pens, bookmarks and tissues at the ready.

My address book and stamps in case I want to write a note to someone God brings to mind while I’m reading or praying.

That’s about it.  What’s in your Quiet-Time Basket?


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