Breakfast Tray

I can’t even remember how much I paid but I found this old metal tray at Goodwill a few years ago.

I often wonder what decade this tray is from.  What it was used for?  Who decided they no longer needed it?

I store it behind the microwave due to lack of counter space but I wish I had a place to display this pretty tray all the time.

This little tray saves my sanity most mornings.  It’s the difference between a moody, harried, hurried Mama and a patient, smooth sailing, stress-free Mama.

My toddler much prefers the latter.  As do I.

Before I go to bed I get everything ready for breakfast for the following morning and place it on this tray.

Some days it’s one of my pretty thrift store ceramic mugs, some days it’s a travel mug because some days are for sipping and others are for gulping behind the wheel.

There’s always sugar involved.  Good ole fashioned sugar.   None of the fake stuff from a paper packet.  And every morning when I use the teeny spoon from my Polish Pottery sugar jar I smile at it’s pretty floral pattern and think of our trip to Germany where I bought it.

Some days I’m feeling frisky and add cinnamon or cocoa powder to my coffee, this time of year it’s a pinch of pumpkin pie spice.  Mmmmm.

And then depending on what’s on the menu I place whatever non-refrigerated items will save me time in the morning.  Peanut butter toast seems to be what I was prepping for in this picture.  Some days it’s the cereal box, other days it’s the salt and pepper shakers for eggs, or syrup for pancakes.

And the final time saver is the little French cappuccino mug (another thrift store find) where I dole out all the vitamins the night before.  I know it only takes 32 seconds to open the bottle of Flintstones but that’s 32 more seconds I have to not feel rushed in the morning.

It only takes me 5min. to get my coffee maker prepped and my breakfast tray set at night but it makes all the difference in the world in the morning when I’m half-asleep, clad in fuzzy slippers, trying to nurse a newborn and chase a toddler.

Go get yourself a pretty little tray and help make your mornings a bit easier.  You’ll be glad you did.


One thought on “Breakfast Tray

  1. What a sweet tray and a wonderful beginning to your day! I have older children who do all those special things for me, such as make my coffee; prepare breakfast, etc. But I do like that tray idea. Maybe for impromptu morning tea times with sleepy little girls 🙂

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