Thanksgiving Recipe: 2010

This year’s recipe for a great Thanksgiving was different from last year’s although, no less delicious.

1 cup of sweet brotherly love

3 glasses of pumpkin pie martini to enjoy with some great friends

1 pint-size picky eater forced to eat half his turkey before being set free to play.


Once children are done eating, send them on their way and sit down with the rest of the adults to enjoy some great food and laughter.

Before the meal is over add a splash of chubby cheeks for extra enjoyment.

After dinner is over, but before putting the food away, bring out the games and a few glasses of wine.

Throw in a few glances at the football game.

A round or two of charades.

This recipe makes enough for at least 7 hours of food and fun.

Hope you all had delicious Thanksgiving recipes this year.


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