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Ally Made The Show – Woohoo!

The executives called from Polaris around 4:30 PM while Ally and I were at Coffee Tree.  They told her that they chose her and a girl from Seoul to go to Morocco on Dec. 27th. We went to Pasta Vino to celebrate. Then we went to Baskin Robbins for some Happy Camper. My new cashmere… Continue reading Ally Made The Show – Woohoo!


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Strike In Travel

That is the name of a TV show on Polaris, Korea’s new travel channel. Strike in Travel is a reality show that follows 2 young Korean girls around for 2 weeks in a different country. The show has ventured to Spain, France, the West Coast (USA) and Australia so far. A while back, Ally had… Continue reading Strike In Travel

Conversations With Ally · Korea

Flying Solo…

Joe’s gone this week playing GI Joe with the Army. I always hate it when he leaves because that means my sole source of entertainment (i.e. watching Joe’s spot-on impersonations of myself) is gone. Well, it also means that things that are not normally logical now seem completely rational and I find myself saying things… Continue reading Flying Solo…