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He’s Here!

Tripp Tiangtam Taylor made his big debut at 8:43 PM on Thursday December 4th, 2008.

Last week I started feeling weird on Wednesday and thought my water had broken so Joe, my mom and I decided to head to Rota Naval Hospital to check everything out.  We decided to stay over at Rota that night in case I needed to go back in on Thurs. to see how things were going.  The nurses told me that my water hadn’t broken but that I should stay close as it seemed things were progressing.  That night at 2:30 in the morning, I thought my water had broken yet again and my contractions were getting stronger and were about 8 min. apart.  Joe and I timed them for a while and then headed over to the hospital at 5:30 AM where they told me that yes, indeed, I had broken it this time.  They admitted me immediately and had started me on Pitocin almost immediately because I was still only 2 cm dilated.  The pitocin was brutal and I was having severe contractions by noon that day.  They had to turn the pitocin down because my contractions were coming every minute and were lasting a little more than  minute each time.  Joe was amazing and really helped me during my contractions by rubbing my back and shoulders during each contraction.  I asked for a dose of Fentanyl and then got an Epidural shortly after because I had still only progressed to 3 cm.  After that I didn’t even realize when I was having contractions but my legs were scarily numb, which was a really crazy feeling.  I didn’t like when Joe would touch my leg and I couldn’t feel a thing.  Tripp wouldn’t cooperate so the Dr. had to attach an internal monitor to his head to monitor his heart rate.  After a while it seemed that his heart rate was decelerating during my contractions which was concerning the Dr. a bit.  She also said it seemed that his head was getting stuck in the birth canal and she was worried that a natural birth would be too physically stressful on him.  So about 8 PM we decided to do a C-section, which I wasn’t thrilled about but I was so excited to be seeing him soon.  They prepped me for surgery, got Joe in his scrubs and wheeled me into the OR.  The C-section was a lot easier than I thought it would be, I actually fell asleep while they were sewing me up.  I got to see my little guy and then the nurses and Joe took him to clean him off and check him out.  I recovered from the Epidural for a while and got to go back to my room with Joe and Tripp about an hour later.  I was still numb but so excited and amazed at my little guy.

We ended up staying at the Rota Naval Hospital until Sunday.  The Maternal Newborn Unit is quite slow so the nurses and doctors let you stay as long as they feel you need it.  All the staff there were amazing and for the majority of our stay we were the only family in the wing.  They treated Tripp, myself and even Joe to the best care and advice.  Joe even had his own bed in our huge room.  If we extend here in Spain and have a second child I will feel great about going to Rota Naval Hospital again, they were outstanding.

Here are a few pics of our new little man!

Tripp Tiangtam Taylor – born Thursday Dec. 4th at 8:43 PM – 7 pounds 12 ounces, 20.5 inches.

Joe and his “Mini Me”

The staff even brought Santa in to visit with him on his 2nd day.

Mimi (Mel’s Mom) holding him before we head home on Sunday.

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