11 Months


You are 11 months today.  I cannot believe 11 months ago I was welcoming you into the world.  You have grown so much and learned so many things in 11 short months.

Here you are with your friend, Adriana.

This month you are:

* Standing on your own, once in a while, a few seconds at a time.

* Using a sippy cup, but you mostly prefer my Camelbak water bottle.

* Cruising along the couch.

* You continue to say “Mama” and “Dada.”

* You are in love with the cats and try to chase them around the house.

* You can climb the stairs, all by yourself, which we don’t let you do it unless we’re with you.

* You have become quite picky with your eating, sometimes only eating Spanish cheetos and Chocolate pudding yogurt.

* You love to smack faces, which we’re trying to teach you not to do.  You do it out of frustration and excitement.

* You’ve started going to daycare 2 mornings a week while I volunteer at the school on base.  You love this because you love Ms. Renee, Bella and Austin.

* You learned how to clap.

* You can give high fives.

* You’ve been on 10 plane rides in your 10 short months of life with another few this month when we visit both sets of grandparents for Thanksgiving.

Happy 11 month birthday baby, we love you!





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