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Date Night

Last night our friends were nice enough to come over and watch Tripp so Joe and I could go on a date.  We have not been on a date in ages.  We go out with friends all the time but haven’t been out, just the two of us, since probably Valentine’s Day weekend.   It was so nice and I felt like such a grown up fixing my hair and getting all dressed up.

We headed into Sevilla for some Italian food at La Pia Monttesa, a wonderful restaurant near the Plaza de Armas Centro Comercial.  We had delicious pasta and shared an appetizer of their yummy thin crust pizza dough, sprinkled with garlic and herbs.  I wish I had gotten photos of the food, the portions are enormous and so yummy.

After dinner we wandered down the street to the English movie theater.  The choices weren’t that great but we hadn’t been to the movies since before Tripp was born.  Joe and I love the movies and used to go all the time before kid(s).  Neither of us are into the Twilight saga so we weren’t about to sit through 2 hours of Kristen Stewart’s horrible acting skills.  We decided on The Last Station, a movie about the end of Leo Tolstoy’s life.  Not exactly our typical movie pic but it was interesting.  Joe was bored halfway through and the theater was hot, despite the fact that they claimed to have air conditioning.  Joe did get his movie theater popcorn fix and it was nice to sit and enjoy a movie for a few hours.

The evening air in Sevilla was perfect and there was a great breeze down the streets (hence my crazy hair in the photos below) as Joe and I wandered back to the parking garage.  It was a great night and we hope to have at least one more before Hudson’s arrival.

Thanks Meagan and Rich!


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